Our Work

Our work at White Canvas Design provides solutions for businesses in terms of establishing and maintaining a digital presence in today’s very crowded digital market place. Developing a digital presence that allows businesses to take advantage of valuable organic leads remains one of the most cost effective ways of creating visibility with your clients. Being number 1 with Google is an achievable goal through the implementation of a digital marketing strategy.

Web Design

A Mobile optimised website is a must for a modern business. Non mobile optimised website are now being penalised by Google and as a result your business will not be operating on a level playing field with businesses who are running a mobile responsive site.

We develop mobile optimised website that are SEO ready.

E-Commerce Websites

Open up opportunities to sell, even when your bricks and mortar store is closed! Online spending is growing five times faster than traditional retail spending as more people turn to the convenience of shopping at online stores with fashion and take away food are leading the way.

We develop mobile optimised e-commerce website that are SEO ready.

Graphic Design

Our in-house graphic design team can help with all your graphic design needs. We develop promotional material for traditional printing as well as branding and design across all platforms.

Our services include design of DL brochures, business cards, print advertising and logo development.

Content Writing

The demand for content in the digital world is huge. Google is content hungry and requires new website content as part of its measure of the performance of a website. Adding new content to your website brings Google to your website to index the new stuff. The more Google visits you, the higher your website will rank, and the higher you rank, the more people will see you. And the more people who see you, the more traction your website will get and the more Google will like it…

Writing effective SEO copy should be at the centre of any digital marketing strategy.

Mobile Apps

In today’s digital world, placing your brand within arms reach can give your business the boost it needs over your competition. An app shouldn’t be a reproduction of your website, it should instead offer a unique means to create engagement with your audience. Creating app based loyalty programmes are a great way to create such engagement.

Digital Marketing Strategy

The most effective way to tackle promoting your business in the digital arena is to develop an effective digital marketing strategy. The opportunities with digital marketing are endless and therefore it can be quite daunting. It is important to evaluate the digital communication tools that work for your business and commit to them. Managing fewer tool effectively is going to give far greater benefits than trying to juggle everything and not doing them very well.

The greatest benefit of digital marketing for a business is that fact that every platform will give measurable results. You will know what has worked and what hasn’t so that messages can be refined and targeted.