Facebook Algorithm Changes 2014

Facebook makes changes to its algorithm from time to time. In everyday speak, that means Facebook decides what we see and how much of it we see in our news feeds based on viewing habits and interaction. From a brand’s viewpoint, we see the effect of our posts through our pages Insights section. We measure the number of likes we have, the number of people reached and it gives us a clear guide to how our communication is going. In the past weeks, Facebook has changed their algorithm again, and a Facebook spokesperson has gone so far as to say that the ‘organic reach for a brand will now slowly decline’

‘What?’ I hear you say, and you are not alone. This latest change has left users very frustrated. However when you break it down, a regular Facebook user can be exposed to 1500 interactions a day – that includes posts, likes, comments, shares, videos, photos and so on – the purpose of the algorithm is to prioritise what people see.

We can’t change how Facebook operates, but we can ensure we do all we can to maximise a brand’s visibility as a result of these changes. Keep your brand’s message strong and the following will help get your brand’s content in front of as many people as possible.

1. Facebook is really good at building community
Review how you respond to comments. Do you answer questions and comments on Facebook? If not, you’re missing out an essential function of the social network. What does this have to do with getting your posts seen? It doesn’t take long for the people you “talk” with online to become brand advocates. And brand advocates spread the word!

2. Use Facebook to build an email list
Love it or hate it, email is a powerful marketing tool. Developing an app hosted contest on Facebook can literally build a database overnight. Create a competition with a prize people want to win and watch the entries come rolling in!

3. Ask your fans to adjust their News Feed settings
Ask your fans to opt-in to “Get Notifications” from your Page. They can do this by heading to your Timeline and clicking on the “Liked” button and selecting “Get Notifications.” When clicked, Facebook will notify that user every time you post, just like they’re notified of Friend Requests and Comments/Likes/Shares on their personal posts.

4. Use Facebook advertising
There’s one more thing you can do to get your content seen by more of your fans: advertise. The “pay to play” mentality is irritating to many people, especially small business owners with limited budgets, but on Facebook you can target your ads so specifically that it’s at least worth some experimentation.
According to AdAge “Consumers are hyper aware of the advertising that creeps into their social streams, so the brand has a responsibility to connect in a meaningful way that resonates.”  The lesson here: If your business is investing, or planning to invest in Facebook advertising, create well executed and targeted Facebook ads for the News Feed. If you want to learn more about Facebook advertising, call us on +61 422 231 257. We’d be happy to chat through options.